TODAY NICARAGUA – Cargill has inaugurated a new cold storage and distribution plant southeast of Managua, with capacity to store up to 8 million pounds of chicken meat.

In addition to the new plant, in which US$50 million were invested, Cargill announced plans to invest us$100 million over the next three years in three new projects, including a plant for shrimp food, in which it plans to invest us$12 million.

Xavier Vargas Montealegre, president for Central America, told Elnuevodiario.com.ni that another project is “… the expansion of the distribution center that the company has in the country and which will start in January. And … they will also be investing in a project for hens to produce fertile eggs. Montealegre Vargas explained that now instead of importing the product there will be producing it in the country. ”

Vargas added that “… ‘This investment of almost $50 million is an example of the trust Cargill leaders have in the country and in our business management. It also shows the progress we have made in Nicaragua.'”

Source: elnuevodiario.com.ni