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Customs agent with symptoms of Covid-19 dies in Rivas and family says that Minsa mishandled his case

The death certificate says cause of death is thrombus pulmonary embolism, but family questions why they were directed to bury him immediately, the house was fumigated and ordered to 21 days quarantine

While the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the government of Daniel Ortega keep denying the reality of the coronavirus pandemic in Nicaragua, people keep dying and the true cause of their death is ordered hidden.

Such is the case of a 69-year-old customs agent, who earned a living at the Peñas Blancas border, and who was buried this Tuesday morning in the Rivas cemetery, just 5 hours after he died in his house with symptoms similar to Covid -19.

In Managua, cemeteries have seen solitary burials arrive, often at night. THE PRESS / Archive

“For going to earn a living at the border, my dad got infected and started presenting symptoms on May 11, and after presenting breathing difficulties he died today (Tuesday) at 4:00 in the morning. In the midst of the intense pain I feel for the loss of my father, I advise people to take care of themselves and not let what we are experiencing happen to them,” one of his children told La Prensa.

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He confirmed that the last days have been difficult for his family, after detailing that his father remained isolated in his room until the time of his death.

“In this case, my father did not have the support of the Ministry of Health, because on May 11, when my father began to present fever, flu and breathing difficulties, they were informed of the case through the emergency line of the Minsa, and they didn’t come until Thursday to tell us that it was pneumonia and that he had phlegm in his lungs, but they did not recommend taking him to the hospital,” he explained.

The death certificate issued by health authorities. La Prensa

They didn’t want to test

Her sister was also dissatisfied with Minsa authorities in this city, since she assured in her social network that they asked the workers of the Ministry of Health to test her dad for the Covid-19, but that the answer was negative.

“We asked them to do the Covid-19 test, and they said that it was not necessary despite presenting symptoms,” cites the publication that also details that the patient remained stable, but with fever and that the recommendation that the Minsa workers gave, is that they give him antibiotics.

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However, she says that in the last two days, his father’s respiratory problems worsened and caused his death.

The cause of death, according to the Minsa

Although the Minsa informed them in the death certificate that their father died from a thrombus pulmonary embolism, the family assures that the true cause of death is linked to Covid-19, since they were directed to hold funeral immediately and remain in quarantine for 21 days.

“Enough of so many lies, if it were not Covid-19 they would not have sent us to quarantine, nor to fumigate the house,” wrote the daughter of the deceased in the publication, in which she also asks citizens for their prayers and take care of the virus because it is a reality.

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