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Observatorio Ciudadano: Covid-19 infection figures have increased sixfold, more than Minsa admits

In their latest report, specialists point out that Managua is the main focus, with 789 cases. It is followed by Masaya with 194, Chinandega with 119 and Matagalpa with 111

A total of 1,569 suspected cases of contagion and 351 deaths from pneumonia aere suspected of Covid-19 records the Observatorio Ciudadano up to May 16 in Nicaragua.

Relatives with suspicious patients and with COVID-19 stand in line to pass food or things for personal use at gate No.2 of the Hospital Aleman, which is kept militarized and guarded by Ortega Police and parapolice elements. Oscar Navarrete / LA PRENSA.

Up to that date, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported for only 25 confirmed cases and eight deaths, and on Tuesday, May 19, updated the numbers to 254 and 17 deaths, numbers that are still questioned by health professionals and the citizens themselves.

The Observatorio, made up of a multidisciplinary group seeking to provide some indications of the behavior of the pandemic in the country, reports that of the 17 departments, Managua is the main focus of contagion, with 789 cases. Masaya (194), Chinandega (119) and Matagalpa (111) follow.

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The report, presented twice a week, also reflects some irregularities reported by population that includes exposure of people to contagion, threats, coercion and harassment, and inadequate response from the Minsa.

Although the Observatorio clarifies that its figures are not official, the absence of the Minsa has led the group to join forces and provide part of the reality that exists in the different territories of the country.

Deaths from pneumonia

Health professionals have denounced that the Minsa has ordered to make up the deaths from Covid-19 by changing the cause to “atypical pneumonia.” A source from the Monte España Hospital assured that this situation occurs despite the patient having a positive diagnosis.

Regarding this, the Observatorio registers 23 deaths from pneumonia in Managua, Chinandega and Masaya alone, accounting for five cases each, and three in Matagalpa. This type of death also occurs in nine other departments in the country.

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The dictator Daniel Ortega pointed out this Monday night that from January 1 to May 15 there are 309 deaths from pneumonia, when the Minsa epidemiological bulletin number 18 reflected until this May 3 only 86 deaths. The fierce silence on the part of the Ortega dictatorship is due to the fact that it wants to hide the true impact of the pandemic in the country, however, health specialists declared that even with its communication policy it will not be able to cover up the reality that is being lived.

A medical source from the Lenín Fonseca Hospital stated that until this May 18, there were at least 20 patients admitted, and that last weekend, eight people died with symptoms of Covid-19.

Another source from the Monte España Hospital confirmed to LA PRENSA that until today, May 19, 44 positive diagnosed patients were reported, of which four are in serious condition. In that group of affected are also medical personnel from that hospital, confirming the denunciation by doctors.

The Observatorio counted until May 9, more than 120 health workers affected. Due to this scenario, more than 700 health professionals sued the Ortega regime to declare the phase of community transmission and adopt mitigation measures for the virus.

Among the demands, the doctors highlighted the adequate protective equipment for the doctors who are in the first line of fight against the Covid-19.

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