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Tranques in Nicaragua: Masaya and Juigalpa On Alert; Carazo Silent

The residents of cities where there are barricades (tranques), such as Masaya and Juigalpa, fear an armed attack, while Carazo fear more raids without court orders

The residents of Masaya and Juigalpa, where there are tranques (barricades) remained in distress since Tuesday night in the face of possible armed operations, while in Carazo, the inhabitants fear more raids without court orders.

Monimbó fears an armed operation. EFE / END

This is the situation on Wednesday, on the eve of a march organized by the Civic Alliance:

Masaya: Since Tuesday the night ran the rumors of an operation between riot police and paramilitaries to remove the barricades, especially those in Monimbó. Residents said they noticed the presence of dozens of trucks, raising the fear of an armed attack.

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In Monimbó, anxiety grows because the government has announced that it will repeat actions against the barricades erected by the residents to protect themselves from the armed attacks.

A long line of trucks Wednesday morning in Juigalpa. END –

Juigalpa. The population of Juigalpa on Wednesday with fear, after hearing detonations of firearms and mortars in different parts of the city Tuesday night, which aroused fear of a possible attack on a tranques.

This Wednesday morning there was a row of trucks, from the cemetery to the barricade located at the Juigalpa – Managua exit, El Nuevo Diario was able to confirm.

The heavy-load trucks that were stranded on the road since Tuesday night had already passed through the barricade at the Juigalpa-Managua exit, with more still trucks waiting.

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For several days there have been rumors that at any moment the police and paramilitaries will carry out an operation against the roadblock on the road to Juigalpa, which keeps the population living in the surrounding area in fear.

The tranque at the Juigalpa-Managua exit is considered one of the most dangerous for the population because there are trucks in the area that transport fuel.

Paramilitaries surround the San Sebastian Basilica, in Diriamba, Nicaragua on July 09, 2018. Armed supporters of the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega burst into the basilica, besieged and insulted bishops who had earlier arrived in Diriamba. / AFP PHOTO / MARVIN RECINOS

Carazo. The department was calm on Wednesday, after an operation on Sunday, which left more than a dozen dead.

The streets were silent, with little influx of people in the morning, more in the afternoon. Families fear that paramilitaries will enter their homes to take their children without court orders.

More than 30 youths from the city of Diriamba, Carazo, are still missing, and their photographs are being circulated on social networks, while their relatives are now three days outside the El Chipote prison in Managua, waiting for answers.


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